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Dev Teach Day 1 and 2 – Late Nights and Karaoke

Thursday, June 11, 2009 2:48 PM

The epicness continues…

Dev Teach Day 1

So on Tuesday, it was the *official* start of the DevTeach conference. Good times had by all. My first talk went pretty well I think, and I caught Shawn’s excellent MVVM talk. That night was the speaker dinner at a local Thai restaurant. After that I was talked into heading down to scout out a dance club with a group of friends. We never did dance, but we did learn that

1. I forgot how awesome Centurions and Visionaries were.

2. If you want to go dancing but don’t bring your ID with you, it could end up being the deciding factor (no, it wasn’t me).

3. 2 slices of pizza and a drink from a late night pizzaria for $5 > any other pizza in the world

It ended up being a late night though…got back and into bed easily after 2AM…maybe closer to 3AM. I was like “Boy, I’m not going to be staying out late again like that anytime soon.” And then DevTeach Day 2 happened.

Dev Teach Day 2

I had the biggest of my four presentations on Wednesday, and I think it went really good…at least from the conversations and the feedback I got. After a group of us went for dinner to Fuel which is the *unbelievable*. Awesome food, unbelievable service, and a great venue. If you're in Vancouver or planning to visit, definitely check it out.

Afterwards a subset of our group continued on to Checkers where it was karaoke night! Below is the video evidence of that time…

Yag chanelling the Monkeys…

G. Andrew Duthie got a taste of what’s to come at our Billy Idol showdown at next year’s MVP summit…

And Dave Laribee and I shut the place down with our rousing version of Like a Virgin…

From Checkers we walked a number of blocks until we found a small dance club that was still open. Hung out there for a bit, and then left. Unfortunately Greg lost his shoes at the club. Some nice guys offered to help, but in the end Greg thought it best of he just walked to the hotel in barefeet. We grabbed some shwarma from a late night…uh…shwarma house, and then walked back to the hotel. Time in bed, 3:30 AM.

And tonight…the adventure…continues!



# re: Dev Teach Day 1 and 2 – Late Nights and Karaoke

Dare I ask how the hell someone manages to lose their shoes at a "dance" club? What kind of "dancing" are we talking about here? 6/12/2009 9:24 AM | Adam Machanic

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