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Dev Teach Recap – Day 0

Tuesday, June 9, 2009 9:48 AM

If the first day of DevTeach is any indication I’m going to be a wreck by the end of the week thanks to a lack of sleep and copious amounts of double quarter pounders with cheese at late night feedings.

Flew in yesterday morning pretty early and got to the hotel at like 9ish. Luckily they had a room available and got me into my room.

Four Seasons FTW!

After meeting up with the usual suspects for breakfast (Donald, Rob, Gary, and my Winnipeg compadre Dylan) and some hang time, we headed to Microsoft’s offices for the UG leaders summit. Good times had by all, and a big thanks to MS for sponsoring both the summit and also the free conference registrations that UG leads get for attending.

UG Summit FTW!

After the summit, it was time for dinner. We went to this place in Vancouver called the Sandbar. Menu is really small and a mish-mash of seafood, asian, and american (so snapper, potstickers, and burgers were all on the menu). The food wasn’t bad, but it was fashion over substance. I was *hungry* and this place just didn’t cut it, and it was pretty expensive for what you did get. Maybe this is just a prairie boy in the West Coast or something.

Dinner FAIL!

Then it was off to some lounge over by the waterfront. Great times had by all, and we event created a new shot in honour of Donald’s Liver. Oren knocked off a couple of colors off his Rainbow of Booze tour he’s doing this week at DevTeach.

Lounge FTW!

Back to the hotel where we hung out in the lounge there before being told that the elevators were being shut down at 1 AM. WTF?! What hotel does that? Odd… I was still starving so me, Will, Dylan, and Adam headed over to McDonalds for some late night eats.

Nom Nom Double Quarter Pounder FTW!

As we got back to the hotel though, we noticed something: the lights were out in the lobby, except for the emergency lights. The elevators *were* working though, and a doorman let us up. But the power had been turned off to the *entire building* for maintenance! I got to my room…no lights…but there was a note and a flashlight on the desk explaining the whole thing.

So yes, I took a piss by flashlight in the Four Seasons. I can’t call this a fail because it really wasn’t *that* bad and its a good story, so I end this post with a

Four Seasons WTF?!



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