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Are We Ready For Some Football!?!?

Sunday, September 7, 2008 12:03 PM

The Redskins/Giants game aside, we’re now less than 30 minutes away from the beginning of the NFL season! Of course, its really just an exercise to see who will lose the Superbowl to the Atlanta Falcons, but still…we have so many storylines and drama that this will be an excellent season of “As The NFL Turns”. So week one…what are we going to see…

Falcons over Lions
The Falcons put the past behind them and start with their new look…well, everything. Lions, still the same look.

Jaguars over Titans
Jaguars are going to be the dark horse this year. The Titans are just going to be filler for other team’s highlight reels.

Patriots over Chiefs
Patriots aren’t going to be the same as last year, and they’ll struggle against the Chiefs but will come up with the W.

Eagles over Rams
Even with their WR corps injured, Eagles are heads above the Rams.

Ravens over Bengals
Bengals might have Ocho Cinco on the field, but they’re an organization in dissaray, and that will translate to the field. Ravens D will win this low scoring game.

Bills over Seahawks
Upset of the week. Seahawks glory days are over.

Jets over Dolphins
Dolphins will keep this close, but Jets will win…Brett Favre will be on fire while Pennington and Williams will need to prove themselves…as does the Dolphins in general.

Tampa Bay over Saints
Tampa Bay is the second most dangerous team in the NFC South (Falcons being #1). Saints are overrated and will be fighting it out with Carolina to stay out of the NFC South basement.

Steelers over Texans
Texans will be a dark horse this year, but the Steelers are just too powerful for them.

Dallas over Cleveland
Dallas Dallas Dallas!

Carolina over the Chargers
San Diego is in the same boat as Seattle: glory days are well behind them. LT is on the same path as Shaun Alexander, and Carolina has alot to prove this year; they’ll want it more.

Colts over Chicago
Seriously…is there any doubt that the Colts won’t win this one?

Arizona over San Francisco
I can’t believe I’m picking the Cardinals (worst name for a football team), but I think Bolden and Warner will light it up against the 49’ers.

Enjoy the games!


# re: Are We Ready For Some Football!?!?

The day has arrived... Dolphins may not keep it so close.... but you may be right about those cards..

I'm no Brett Favre, but today's my day too...

Girls rule! 9/7/2008 1:26 PM | Perfect Moment Project

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