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Dev Teach - West Coast: Battle of the Metros!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007 5:05 PM

I got a weird email this week. It was from Justice Gray, and I assumed it would be another email justifying why spending 15 minutes pruning one's eyebrows every morning helped make you happier. But I was wrong.

"Guys, some stuff has come up and it looks like I won't be going to Dev Teach in Vancouver."

Stunned silence.

I couldn't believe what I was reading! Why would Justice so easily toss aside what will undoubtedly be THE BEST technology conference on the West Coast this year?! I was puzzled...perplexed...and then the answer came to me in the way of an info-email that I had subscribed to a long time ago...

You see...Justice is a full blown, self proclaiming metrosexual. He spends more time on his hair than his wife does, he works out routinely, and he ensures that only the finest cloth from child-run sweatshops make it into his closet. But Justice, much like his idol Derek Zoolander, isn't accustomed to competition in the realm of really-good-lookingness. And for the most part, he's been safe as there aren't too many metrosexual developers east of Edmonton.

But go west, and Justice would have to come face to face with his real life Hansel, his counterpart on the West Coast, and the one person who possibly exudes the same amount of raging love for all things hair related. Yes, I'm talking about....

Shaun Walker, the man behind DNN.*

Seriously, look at the pics of himself that he sends with his monthly DNN email blasts. They just scream "Hey, I'm really not that into whatever you're doing, but check it out: I wrote one of the most widely used portals in history AND my hair is naturally this perfect...see this gold chain I'm wearing? I wrote a DNN module that took raw ore and turned it into whatever jewelery I wanted".**

Of course Justice might be feeling a little sheepish about all this, which is why I propose a side event for Dev Teach - West: Something I like to call..


That's right, Justice Gray vs. Shaun Walker in a test to see who will be crowned Metrosexual of Dev Teach - West! Not since David Bowie guest-starred in Zoolander and hosted the walk-off has anyone seen such a display of haute-couture! Justice will finally have an arena to build his confidence and show the world what one man can do with love in his heart and a bottle of Alberto styling gel!

So if you needed yet another reason to come to Dev Teach - West, come to cheer on Justice Gray as he battles to prove his superiority as Canada's metrosexual developer extrordinaire!***

*Note: I have no idea of Shaun Walker is even coming to Dev Teach - West...I just know he's from the area so he was an easy target.

**I actually met Shaun a few years back, and he's not the self indulgent guy that we all know Justice is...but that pic, its golden.

***Justice seriously considered not going, so please bombard his blog with comments about how he HAS to show up.



# re: Dev Teach - West Coast: Battle of the Metros!

Brilliant....are you proposing a walk off though? Since it's already been done, I'm thinking that they should compete in a "Tease off" to see who is the better *cough* man in the hair styling department. I don't know how that side even would draw though. I know Rob Windsor would probably skip it out of jealousy. 7/18/2007 12:30 AM | Donald Belcham

# re: Dev Teach - West Coast: Battle of the Metros!

You'll have to start up a collection plate and get some action figure action included:

http://herobuilders.com/custom/index.htm 7/18/2007 12:05 PM | Kent Sharkey

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