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SQL 2008 - Dynamic Development

Tuesday, July 10, 2007 4:58 PM

Another in the "4 Pillars" of SQL 2008 series, this one focuses on Dynamic Development.

Again, its a high-level overview that really just gives you enough buzzwords to go off and start researching on Google. New development technologies were highlighted, including the Entity Data Model, LINQ, Entity SQL, and Data Shaping Services (but no demos...all just mentioned abstractly and how they fit into the new data services plan in the new offering). Although it wasn't mentioned in detail, and it may have been the other video actually that brought it up...but the words "In the next version of ADO.NET..." were uttered at some point.

You're going to hear "Synchronization" spoken quite a bit with SQL 2008 and the new technologies. When reviewing the types of services that would come out of development on the new platform, "Sync" was the only one bolded and in red.



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