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A New Reason To Travel To North Dakota!

Sunday, July 8, 2007 4:55 AM

Manitoba (the province in Canada that I'm in...no, contrary to popular belief and the fact that all media from the US talks about Canada as one big glob, we do actually have seperate areas that we call "provinces"...well, we also have three territories too...but anyway)...let me start again...

Manitoba is just above North Dakota, and as such they are our main destination for any sort of US based shopping trips (we may have Walmart, but we don't have Super Target). For most of my life, hearing that friends were going to the states lit up my eyes and heart with joy that I would get to enjoy another passionate beverage session with what was then a US-Only product: Cherry Coke.

Then there was the revelation that the US sold Mountain Dew with caffeine! So not only did I have a non-Canadian beverage stocked in my fridge, it was technically contraband!*

But over the years, things have changed. Cherry Coke has been in Canada for a while now, and Mountain Dew, although still not officially allowed to carry caffeine, does have a version that contains Guenara (which, we all know, is loaded with caffeine under the hood). So why would I need to go back to North Dakota for now? To purchase a Vikings Daunte Culpepper jersey at T.J. Maxx? It seemed like crossing the border was passe...

Until I read about this. Diet Pepsi Max: With More Caffeine. Oh...my...gawd...could Diet Pepsi actually get any better?! This can only mean that Coke will need to respond, and hopefully they do so by kicking up their excellent Coke Zero beverage, which I've been downing like crazy lately. But regardless, we probably won't see DP:Max up here anytime soon. So I guess I'll be taking a trip down to ND sooner than later to stock up...and maybe get a case of Mountain Dew to fulfill my illegal smuggler fantasy.


*Canada has a law that says no clear beverages can contain caffeine. Therefore, Mountain Dew is considered "clear" enough that it can't be caffeinated.


# re: A New Reason To Travel To North Dakota!

Reading about the Mountain Dew has left me horrified. What kind of barbaric civilization do you live in!?!

I honestly am shedding a few tears for you at this moment. Mountain Dew WITHOUT caffeine! The fiends! I'm surprised Canada can even KEEP developers within the borders...

The Mountain Dew flows like a cool, sticky "Mountain" stream here and is always properly caffeinated.

Give me your tired, your poor, Your under-caffenated coders yearning to drink free, The wretched programmers of your Dew-less shore. Send these, the dreary, the weary eyed to me, I lift my Dew beside the glowing screen!
7/8/2007 5:43 AM | George

# re: A New Reason To Travel To North Dakota!

We have three territories?! 7/8/2007 2:49 PM | Shaneo

# re: A New Reason To Travel To North Dakota!

D'Arcy... have you tried the Jazz Diet Pepsi Caramel Cream? If not... give it a go! Just picked some up at the Bay and I've never seen it there before. It's pretty good!
7/9/2007 5:52 AM | Tara

# re: A New Reason To Travel To North Dakota!

Diet Pepsi Max rocked. I got back from Minneapolis last night and brought 2 2-litre bottles with me. I also had a 591 ml bottom from the drive from Grand Forks home - I was tired and it actually shot me awake. It was great! (And still manages to taste very similar to regular Diet Pepsi.) 7/16/2007 1:29 PM | Kelly

# re: A New Reason To Travel To North Dakota!


I can't believe you went down there and didn't bring any back for ME!

D 7/16/2007 3:30 PM | D'Arcy from Winnipeg

# re: A New Reason To Travel To North Dakota!


I came across this post about a month ago and have thought about it some since. We used to live in Walhalla and would sometimes go to Canada to shop. Reading this brought a smile and lots of fun memories. Thanks to you and to all our wonderful Canadian friends! 10/3/2007 10:33 AM | Dakota Lifestyle

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