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Transformers Review

Tuesday, July 3, 2007 8:36 AM

Go see this movie. No really...go see it. Stop reading this, get in your car, and go see the movie.

Are you still here? Ok, fine...you need more convincing. I understand.

This movie takes the legendary Transformers mantra and dutifully brings it into 2007. The story is somewhat altered from the original:

In the original, the Ark crashes to Earth and all the autobots/decepticons are knocked out/in stasis/whatever...they're OUT. Fast forward a few million years (thousands if you're a creationist), and the Ark comes back to life, only to find that the world has changed. To allow for the Cybertronians to fit into this new society, the Ark augments them to "transform" into various mechanical devices.

In this interpretation, there is no Ark. Cybertron is already destroyed, and the hunt is on for the "All Spark", which if controlled will spell unknown power to the holder - weather for good or evil.

There are no huge armies of Autobots or Decepticons here...just small pockets of splinter groups it seems.

Also, the ability to transforms into a vehicle is self-controlling (which I'm not a fan of)...so I guess in theory, they could switch the type of vehicle at a whim? That was never really explained and didn't make alot of sense...but whatever: Prime is still a semi, that's all that matters (and I like Bumblebee as a Camero and not a VW Bug).

There's a bit of a Laura Croft feeling to the plot (made moreso by John Voit's role in the film), but that's ok. The movie moves from one action scene to another, and each is quite impressive.

There are moments where you go "ok, this should feel really dumb", but even those scenes don't cause the typical WTF reaction...dunno, maybe its just seeing those big robots on the screen that makes it all ok...but seriously, watch the film and remember these words: "the backyard scene" You'll know exactly what I mean.

There will be sequels for sure, but if they make it as good as this one, I'm a-ok with that!



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I really enjoyed the movie, i didnt have expectations going in though :) 4/1/2008 2:25 AM | cute vids

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