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I had that dream again...

Thursday, August 24, 2006 7:50 AM

 I don't know why, but every now and again I have this reacurring dream. Now, I don't mean to brag or anything, but I was pretty cat's ass as a waiter back in my college days. And although they seem to be a favorite target of Saturday Night Live and other comedy shows, Olive Garden gave me my first real break as a server. Some consider the chain to be the "McDonalds of Italian", but let me tell you: working for a company that has high standards for cleanliness and procedures is way better than working in a place where the coked up kitchen manager flies off the handle and where the servers weigh their pot on the prep-hall scales (been there, done that).

So anyway, every so often I get this dream where i'm back working there again, but instead of me being the server-I-was, I'm the server from hell and the restaurant is trying to screw us over. Last night I went back to work there, but the whole place had changed. The sections were different, the table numbering system was different, and I had no idea who my partner was. Then, I realized that they went to small trays to carry food out...so small that you could only put one bowl of soup and a drink on at a time (if you've eaten at OG, you know how much soup and salad that place goes through). So I've got people sitting in tables but have no idea if they're in my section or not. Then the menu is changed.

"I'll have the burger"

"I'm sorry, we don't ahve a burger on the menu"

"Oh, then what's this?" (Points to burger that's now, for whatever reason, on the OG menu)

"Oh, I guess they added it...sorry, I've been away for a bit..."

The worst part about these dreams is that you wake up feeling like you just worked an 8 hour shift. It's like you just went through the whole stress of work all over again, but while sleeping...that's how it feels for me anyway.

Anybody get similar type dreams of past working experiences? I left out the part of my dream where I had to drag a cart through a cemetary while monsters that looked like characters from Street Fighter 2 walked around, but I figure that has more to do with playing WoW before bed than anything else. ;)



# re: I had that dream again...

"working for a company that has high standards for cleanliness and procedures is way better than working in a place where the coked up kitchen manager flies off the handle and where the servers weigh their pot on the prep-hall scales"

Which one of these was the Olive Garden? 8/24/2006 9:10 AM | Justice~!

# re: I had that dream again...

OG is like McDonalds: they run with a solid set of policies and guidelines. They have digital thermometers on the line to ensure that food is cooked to temp. Hairnets and gloves are a must. It's one of the safest restaurants to eat at (of course, not every location in a chain is like this...but the Polo Park location in Winnipeg is one of the good ones).

Compare that to when I worked for a now defunct fast-food restaurant, and the guy training me in the kitchen wanted to show me how to get the onion smell off my hands after we had just cut up some raw onions for onion rings. He pulls out the bucket of pickels and proceeds to wash his arms (hairy arms) in the pickle juice. Of course, this is along with the pickles that are in the bucket that eventually will go onto people's burgers. Nice. It took me a few years and having them switch newer restaurants to an open-kitchen concept before I'd respond to the "call of the tuba".

D 8/24/2006 9:35 AM | D'Arcy from Winnipeg

# re: I had that dream again...

I have crazy dreams. I have a couple reoccuring dreams. One is that I am at work, but it is in my bedroom and I am in bed and everybody is they and all looking at me funny because I am in bed. I'll wake up and I'll be sitting straight up in bed trying to stay awake so I don't miss a meeting.

The other one is that my dog got out of bed and is pissing on the floor. I wake up and he'll still be right there in his spot, but I'll still get up and check the floor for pee.

8/24/2006 9:39 AM | Tim Hibbard

# re: I had that dream again...

I had a dream, not reoccuring thank goodness, that I was in North Eastern Washington State (don't ask how I knew this 'cause I don't know) and I was flying around in a homemade motorized hang-glider. The motor was a chainsaw engine, but it still had the blade and chain on it. I clearly remember that I had to watch out for my arm as the chain was running right next to it. Anyways, I was flying around on this thing when I came on this restaurant that was located on the side of a rather steep river bank. I swooped in (as only I could do in my dreams) and gracefully (again, only in my dreams) landed on my feet on the balcony railing that overhung the river's edge. Unfortunately the restaurant was full, so i took off again by jumping off the balcony. A little while on I saw some cowboy types herding animals so, being an old cowboy type myself, I flew in for a closer look. When I buzzed down close to see what was going (I know, bad cow handling etiquette) on the animals started to stampede. It was then I realized that these guys were herding elephants. It was a nasty mess of elephants running up hills, into the river and through an old wood cabin. Being the good guy I am (I know, only in my dreams) I stopped and helped these poor elephant herders.

And you thought I was weird before. 8/24/2006 1:08 PM | The Igloo Coder

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