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Sure you can code...but can you manage your finances?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006 7:37 AM

I had an interesting discussion over the last couple of days with some colleagues around whether businesses should be allowed to request a credit check of potential employees.

The one argument on the business side is that businesses need to know whether the people being hired are able to manage their own resources, which is an indicator of maturity and responsibility in managing the resources of the business. Fair enough.

But what about the situation where a poor credit rating is a result of extenuating circumstances (health issues where a spouse is unable to work, loss of previous employment for non-performance issues, or just youthful bliss about paying back your credit cards on time)? There would need to be a balance I would think between just hard data and investigation, but how many companies would take the time to investigate that deeply? Or maybe the idea of basing employment on a credit check is just wrong?

Curious to know what you all think. And no, this isn't a "me" situation. My credit is just fine thanks...and no...I don't want more...unless of course they come out with a line of Geek hero MasterCards!



# re: Sure you can code...but can you manage your finances?

No, absolutely not. A credit check goes too far.

Having been a business owner myself, I can tell you there are other indicators a potential employer can use to determine a candidate's maturity and ability to manage resources. 8/23/2006 5:48 PM | Shaneo

# re: Sure you can code...but can you manage your finances?

Credit reporting agencies are just trying to make up for revenue lost by the free credit report law that went into affect last year. And of course they're doing it at our expense. Credit information shouldn't be available except for the cases where you need credit. Shouldn't this be common sense? 8/23/2006 6:03 PM | Tony Trudeau

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