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Gimme another bowl of AppleJax!

Monday, August 21, 2006 9:17 AM

This article is talking about how "Atlas" won't be the final name for Microsoft's AJAX-based technology. They're requesting the community suggest options for the name, and I gotta tell you that I LOVE this one:

Asynchronous POST Platform Leveraging Enterprise JavaScript And XML (APPLEJAX)

That's just priceless! We need to bond together, fellow web-geeks, and push this through! This could be the coolest name to come out of Microsoft since...um...since...yeah, well anyway...

What we need to do is mass email Microsoft's marketing department requesting...nay, DEMANDING...that they use that as the name for the production build. In fact...it would be awesome if we had someone in Microsoft's marketing department that could instigate some conversation on the inside...someone that has "sway" with the marketing department...but who could that be?



(Note: I really do like the name, but don't lose sight of the humour in this post...I'm not going off to war for it or anything ;) )


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