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SummerSlam Recap

Sunday, August 20, 2006 9:02 PM

Tonight was WWE SummerSlam, another monthly pay-per-view for men everywhere to enjoy their favorite soap. Overall, I'd say it was ok...better than the last one (Great American Bash)...and really, the fun aspect isn't so much the quality of the wrestling product as it was getting together with friends and having a guys night

However, here's  a quick recap of what I thought of the matches (all ratings are out of 5):

Chavo Gurerro over Rey Mysterio
So...quick recap...Eddie Gurerro, Chavo's uncle, died in real life a while back. Rey and Chavo were both very close to Eddie, and Rey was the World Champion. At the last PPV, Chavo screwed over Rey and it cost him the championship. Chavo's defense is that Rey was just using Eddie to make a nam for himself and that he wasn't a true Gurerro. So tonight was a bit of a grudge match, which culminated in Eddie's widow coming to the ring to try and get these two guys to stop fighting, but she interferred and cost Rey the match instead. Seriously...I can't make this shit up. Great opening match though, with some good spots and OOOPS, Rey lost his mask at one point! 3/5

Big Show over Sabu
ECW match, with Big Slow...er, Show over Sabu in a squash match with some nice spots...albeit messed up ones. Good for filler, but not much else. 2/5

Rick Flair over Mick Foley
Great matches can only be great if the ending makes sense and doesn't cheapen the match. Instead of one of these legends tapping out to the other (it was an “I Quit” match, meaning no rules, anything goes, and no pinfalls...the loser is whoever quits the match first), we're shown Foley quitting to avoid Flair hurting his female manager. I know that they were having problems determining who was going to “lose” the match beforehand, so this way it keeps them both as honerable legends: neither really tapped to the other, since Foley was just protecting someone. BOOO! Whatever. 2/5

Hulk Hogan over Randy Orton
Wow, is Hogan ever getting old. And its showing, as if you couldn't tell by his two knee braces. Hogan's matches are so scriptable: Hogan does some offense, Hogan gets beat down, adversary goes for pin, Hogan kicks out, Hogan “Hulks Up”, Hogan no sells opponents attacks, Hogan takes down opponent with the BIG BOOT, Hogan lands the leg drop, Hogan gets the pin. And so it was tonight. Poor Randy Orton, he never stood a chance. 3/5 (three only because of the awesome old school “rake of the back” move)

King Booker over Batista
I HATE matches that end in stupid DQ finishes, like when managers, girlfriends, tag partners, etc. run into the match and cause a disqualification finish. So it was for this match, which SHOULD have ended cleanly for either wrestler. It just cheapens their matches, and also pisses off the crowd. 2/5

Edge over John Cena
Now, with what I said about the Booker/Batista match in mind, this one was defintely runner up to match of the night, and probably best match from a technical point of view. These guys went back and forth and told an amazing story in the ring. Great back and forth action. In the end, a pair of brass knuckles that Edge snuck in was the determining factor...but that's OK. He's a heel...heels should do those sort of thigns. Good heels don't need DQ finishes to win, they just cheat. Excellent match, and more guarantee that we'll see these guys again. 4/5

*Match of the Night*
DX over The MacMahons
There's way too much history and story here to get into great detail, but here goes:
Once upon a time Sean Michaels and Triple H started a group called Degeneration X that included Chyna, Road Dogg, Jess James, and X-Pac. They were an awesome stable that started heel and ended up face. Fast forward a few years to 2006, and Sean Michaels and Triple H have reformed DX, and are going toe-to-toe against the MacMahons (who happen to own WWE). So tonight we get a gauntlet of wrestlers beating down DX before the real match actually starts...face in peril stuff...then the faces (DX) start fighting back, and eventually are victorious over the evil empire. Absolutely best match of the night...or at least most entertaining. 4/5

SummerSlam Score: 3/5
Pay-Per-Views, IMHO, should hold key moments in storylines. Tonight didn't feel like anything really happened to most of them. Chavo and Rey will fight again, so will Booker and Batista. Hogan and Orton seemed like an awkward addition with only a few weeks of buildup and no afterstory. The two strong matches did well for their storylines though. I ate more wings than I should have too, but that's all good. Overall still an enjoyable evening.

Off to bed.



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