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Where to go for Vacation?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006 9:05 AM

So my wife and I decided that we need to start planning a full week of not-working...hopefully around the October time frame.

We're trying to think of places that we could go to...although we don't have to go anywhere, but I've caught the travel bug recently having been to places like Seattle, Orlando, and Montreal over the last couple of years.

Phoenix sounds nice. Warm, NFL team, great golfing, great scenery, and of course Cooperstown.

Atlanta would also be a possible destination. Warm, the BEST NFL team, friends that live/work around there, and just enjoying more suthun' hospitality.

Las Vegas has its charm...we're not big gamblers though, but it would be kewl to check out at least once I think. Sadly, no NFL team.

Of course, there's also Canadian locations too. Vancouver is awesome, as is Victoria (and they both have the added bonus of offering  bus/ferry rides to Seattle if we wanted).

Or maybe I should just book a week off and stay home and level up my tank in WoW...I dunno, what do you guys think I should do for vacation?



# re: Where to go for Vacation?

Are you into scenery / hiking? If so and you come out to Phoenix then definitely take a trip up north to Sedona. Great stuff out there. And if you have time and inclination then Lake Powell and Zion national park near the UT / AZ border is very good. Grand Canyon is fun too, but (dare I say this...) a bit overrated. Some people come to Arizona just to see the canyon, but never see these other gems that are also nearby.

If you do end up in Phoenix then we should go and grab a bite some evening!
8/15/2006 5:19 PM | Lorin Thwaits

# re: Where to go for Vacation?

Kauai, Hawaii - for a warm and relaxing holiday that is code-free

Vancouver/Victoria, BC - for a great city with lots to do and beautiful scenery

Anaheim - for Disneyland fun

Hong Kong - for a *real* adventure and some bonafide culture-shock

Italy - all my friends who've been say it is beautiful and the best place to go (esp. Tuscany & Florence)

New York - exciting, romantic, fast-paced thrills

We're also looking at going somewhere on a trip to celebrate my grad (when I eventually convocate), and all of the above are places we are considering, except New York (for now).

8/19/2006 7:53 PM | Mrs Loquacious

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