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CFL Week 9 Recap

Monday, August 14, 2006 6:39 PM

I almost forgot to do my weekly CFL recap...maybe because I only got one pic right this week.

BC 32 - Bombers 5
My Pick: BC :)
Seriously no surprise here, except at how horrible the Bombers played. Seriously, even beyond my expectations of suck-ness!

Edmonton 24 - Sask 18
My Pick: Sask :(
Well...Edmonton decides not only to come out swinging, but also play prevent defense in the final minutes of play! Poor Sask...just can't decide whether they're good or not.

Toronto 20 - Hamilton 2
My Pick: Hamilton :(
Well well well, turns out that Hamilton really DOES suck and that the Bombers just suck THAT MUCH MORE! However, you can't knock the Argos. Now that Damon Allen has a few games under him since returning from his broken finger, and with John Avery in the lineup, it looks like the Argos are back in the hunt for second place!

Calgary 27 - Montreal 24
My Pick: Montreal :(

They wouldn't go perfect this season, and if they had to lose a game at least it was to a very good Calgary team which had to put the win in the hands of their kicker who nailed a 53 yard field goal for the win. Montreal is still the class of the league though.



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