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CFL: Bad move Adam Rita, bad move.

Monday, August 7, 2006 7:31 AM

There's one position that always seems to be Teflon in the CFL: that of the General Manager. In Winnipeg, Brendan Taman's head would have been called for if the Bombers hadn't started with a winning season this year; after seeing Dave Ritchie fired and the horror that was the Bombers under Jim Daly, fans here were starting to wonder if it wasn't the guy overseeing everything that wasn't at fault more than the coaches put in the line of fire.

The Toronto Argonauts seem to be going through the same thing, and its now seen one of the best players/coaches in our league get fired. Kent Austin, the now former offensive coordinator for the Argos, had a key role in putting the offense together that led them to the Grey Cup victory two years ago. Last year, although they didn't play in the big game, they still finished top in the East. But this year...what a train-wreck this Argo team has been, through no fault necessarily of the coach.

- Damon Allen goes down for what turns into 7 weeks in the first game of the season with a broken finger
- Ricky Williams (not an Austin decision to bring him in btw) is a bust, and is now sidelined with a broken arm
- Spurgyn Wynn (backup QB) is really really bad
- Offensive line is living up to their title: Offensive!

NONE of this is the offensive coordinator's fault. Does he have a say in which players come? To an extent. But ultimately that role falls to the General Manager and the head coach. Kent Austin had to work with what he was given, and what he was given was utter crap.

Shame on Adam Rita for making this “change” when the real issue isn't the coach, its the selection of players that the coach had to work with.

But hey, not that it matters; Montreal will be hoisting the Grey Cup this year in Winnipeg anyway! That reminds me, gotta get my Phileon jersey...



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