Migrating DSO code to AMO

I had a question today about how I was going to migrate my DSO code to AMO. (I would have replied directly, but you did not leave a return email address)

I know it will be painful, but I think we are up for a re-write. The general rule I have been hearing about migrating from AS2k to AS2k5 is that, while the migration wizard can take most things over to an equivalent database in AS2k, you miss out on most of the benefits of upgrading. You are better off rebuilding your OLAP database in AS2k5 to take full advantage of the all new features like the UDM and dimension attributes.

I think the same advice will hold true for AMO. The concepts in AS2k5 are different enough that you are probably better off re-writing your code in AMO. There are also a number of features in AS2k5 that make a lot of DSO code redundant. AS2k5 does parallel processing natively and with the proactive caching features you can even set your cube to re-process itself when the fact tables get updated.

Print | posted on Thursday, October 27, 2005 1:05 PM