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Chris G. Williams Beware: I mix tech and personal interests here.

I'm going on tour...  talking about WP7 & XNA.  (Dates below)

XNA Games on Windows Phone 7

Chris G. Williams will be presenting 'A Tour of Windows Phone 7 and XNA 4.0'. In this talk, he'll cover what's new in XNA 4.0, especially as it pertains to Windows Phone 7. He'll cover phone features, using the emulator and how to take advantage of the various sensors (like the Accelerometer) and features (MultiTouch, Gestures, Push Notifications, etc) in your games. Rumor has it, he may even have a phone with him.

Chris Williams is a Principal Consultant for Magenic. He is the founder of several .NET User Groups on the east coast, and the author of the upcoming super-mega-bestseller Professional Windows Phone 7 Game Development: Creating Games using XNA Game Studio 4.

He's also a DirectX / XNA MVP, MCT, MCSD (.NET) Early Adopter, MCAD, Director of the INETA Community Speakers Program, freelance game developer, conference speaker, vintage arcade game collector, INETA Community Champion and plays a pretty mean guitar in Rock Band.

When not doing any of the above stuff, he can often be found in a Waffle House. He likes 'em scattered, covered and chunked. 


"thanks again to @chrisgwilliams for speaking at @agsdevguild last night! Awesome job!"

"Thanks for speaking at our group tonight. I brought up the App Hub issues before the presentation to head off a potential derailing. I was surprised to find that you actually managed to get xxxxxx excited about WP7. In fact, before tonight, he wasn't even interested in XNA, and now he's looking into writing XNA apps! Awesome job!"

"Always the rockstar! Sounds like someone needs a copy of your book when it comes out "

"Watching INETA Community Speaker @chrisgwilliams rock XNA on Windows Phone 7 #wp7dev at @trinug tonight!"

"Didn't realize how much I missed @chrisgwilliams speaking. Loving this #wp7 presentation!"



Greenville, SC: 8/17
Atlanta, GA: 9/27
Raleigh, NC: 10/13
Asheville, NC: 10/21
Huntsville, AL: 11/9  (cancelled due to venue problems)
Columbia, SC: 11/10
Augusta, GA: 11/18
Roanoke, VA: 12/10
Louisville, KY: 12/16 (cancelled due to weather)
Manhattan, NY: 02/07
Roanoke, VA: 03/12
Orlando, FL Code Camp: 03/26
Richmond, VA: 04/07

If you have a user group in GA, FL, NC, SC, TN, KY or VA and you aren't on my list... I'd like to hear from you.

INETA Community Speakers Program

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Good for you to have been able to have the chance to witness such great event. - YORHealth
Left by George McBright on Feb 10, 2017 9:29 PM

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