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I went to the Twin Cities Languages User Group meeting last night. The topic was Esoteric Programming Languages and it was quite interesting. Jason Bock (also the UG leader) showed several different examples of languages that you'll never use in your day job, but were still pretty cool (mostly.)

The one I was most interested in was Befunge (Wikipedia:, which is a 2-dimensional interpreted language that can modify/generate its own code while running. The whole language is only 35 instructions and program control is handled by directional arrows.  It reminded me a lot of the game RoboRally (wikipedia:

Jason also showed off Malbolge, LOLcode, BrainF*ck and a couple others whose names escape me at the moment. Definitely an interesting night.

Next week, on Tuesday 7/14/09, the Twin Cities Developers Guild ( is featuring INETA speaker Rachel Appel, who will be giving us A First Look at ASP.NET 4.0:

Get a first a look at the 4.0 feature set from ASP.NET and learn what’s new or improved in ASP.NET 4. This talk will highlight ASP.NET 4 in the areas of Web Forms, MVC, AJAX and Dynamic Data. You’ll see how the IDs are handled in web forms, and get more control over the CSS markup of ASP.NET server controls. You’ll also see how to dynamically template applications and what scripting options are available by using the AJAX 4 libraries. If you're considering MVC, we look at the feature set and understand how to create applications with this technology.

Speaker Bio:
Rachel has been working as a mentor, instructor, software developer, architect and DBA for nearly 20 years. During her career, Rachel has worked with a variety of languages, technologies and systems and has contributed to projects of all sizes including large scale enterprise applications at some of the world’s leading companies. Rachel is the Vice President of the .Net Valley user group, as well as a leader and regular speaker in the Philly.NET and Central Penn.NET user groups of Pennsylvania. She can also be found speaking at code camps, user groups, community events and conferences. Rachel’s expertise lies within developing solutions that align business and technology using the Microsoft .NET family of products, particularly ASP.NET & SQL Server. She is also an ASP.NET MVP, ASPInsider and holds the Microsoft Certified Trainer, MCAD & MCSD certifications. She is also a member of the INETA speakers bureau.

Thursday Night (7/16/09) The Twin Cities XNA User Group ( will be having a social meeting (no speaker) for members to come in, hang out, eat pizza & discuss XNA. Members and newbies alike are encouraged to bring any projects they would like to show off and any problems they need help solving.

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