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Most of my experience with job interviews has been as the interviewed but lately there were two occasions where I was the interviewer. Together with a colleague we had to check the technical knowledge of several people applying for a position not directly in our company but for which we have to provide the candidates. Our role was to test the person's knowledge on BizTalk and SQL Server (BizTalk being my subject).

I realized several things:

  • I totally empathize with the person and want them so much to do well, I feel really bad for them when they don't. (Am I too sensitive?)
  • Some people really don't know anything!
  • Candidates are so, so, so nervous! I freaks me out to think I must have looked like this too when I have been interviewed.

My general advice is to try and relax! I know it is difficult but (1) we are calling you so we think you have something interesting for us and (2) nobody wants you to fail. The latter is so true. Whenever the person doesn't know how to answer or starts getting confused, I generally try to help them by saying this is not essential to the job or asking about something they feel more comfortable about.

The worse is that I often feel people have the knowledge and capacity we are looking for but they don't know how to convey it. It is not enough to know something you have to show us that you know it.

Hopefully this will be useful to me too when I start looking for another job.

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