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The BizTalk server team has released the aforementioned tool to facilitate the development of "Adapters" (not just BTS, but general WCF) for creation of WCF extensions to consume existing service interfaces.   Mostly, it facilities building well structured classes that meet the WCF extensions requirements.  Clearly, you still need to code up the actual interfaces, connection code handling, etc.

This SDK is usable without BizTalk and can be used to create interfaces to existing systems.  Then, expose and consume these WCF bindings in your applications once they've been "installed". 

Get the bits here:

After you install you get a couple of Wizards and templates (CSharp Only).  The 1st Wizard is available as "WCF LOB Adapter".  This creates the based project that becomes the adapter that is then consumed (or referenced) later by choosing "Add Adapter Service Reference..." from the Project context menu. 

Best bet is to walk through some of the samples.  The samples make use of an installer that both installs your adapter in the GAC along with making changes to the machine.config in order to surface your custom adapter to the Add Adapter Reference tool as a WCF (system.serviceModel section) extension.

Minor issues

Note, that under Vista, some issues when running the MSI (installer).  Ensure to elevate to Administrator (by running a cmd shell and Runas Administrator) then execute the MSI and no issues.  I've seen this on 2 distinct machines.

There is a stand-alone help file (chm) that if you want to take a look at the capabilities, reference, etc., you can peruse it.  To get it just unpack the Zip file that's at the link and browse to the WCFLOBASDK\Program Files\WCF LOB Adapter SDK\Documents directory.

After installation the Help integration also gives you a quite distinct TOC entry - it ends up being the help collection identifier:

There are a few limitations, one notably at this point is no support for IDuplexChannel and FaultContracts (the latter a limitation of the WSDL builder tool that's part of the SDK).  So, the work-around is hand-coding.

You still get both Synchronous and Asynchronous wizard code generation for the Retrieval, Browse, and Search interfaces.

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