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Take a look at the list of proposed features for .NET 3.5.

Nice table that gives an overview of what's to come.

Tighter integration of WF & WCF with specialized WF hosts for WCF (ServiceHost).  Also, syndication support is part of the base class library.  So, publishing through RSS or ATOM is far simpler than it already was.  That's a technology that's ubiquitous.

Faster execution & GC.  Anonymous & name pipe base class support (I see easier WCF channel implementations).

And of course Add-in support.  A couple of articles were up on MSDN Magazine in the past few issues on this feature.  This will give many IT shops the ability to take a core framework approach to providing add-in patterns without all the AppDomain goo that I've seen in various add-in models.

These are big changes and it amazes me the leading path Microsoft has made with the stack as compared to competing stacks, vendors, and open source.  If you need to get things done fast, this has got to be the first path.  It's open on the fringes, and sure it's MSFT in the box, but if I can cut my build time down by 50%+, give me a real reason to avoid it.

Link to Thom Robbins .NET Weblog : Microsoft Pre-release Software Visual Studio Code Name "Orcas" - March 2007 Community Technology Preview (CTP)

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