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Our book is printed, and out.  Source code is now online on the Apress site.

Already seeing a few ratings on Amazon and a question regarding what version of WCF (.NET 3.0) was used. 

The book and supporting code works with the RTM version of .NET 3.0 released in December on XP SP2, along with Vista RTM (which has .NET 3.0 already part of the distribution).

It's a great feeling to see this thing actually in print after a long road from concept to print (1.5 years easily).  I had one advantage over my co-authors.  While recovering from Back Surgery I had written quite a bit - literally on my back.  Then there were the numerous updates as the CTP's and finally RTM was released.

Link to Code Download Page

Link to Book on Apress

Link to Amazon for Purchase

Link to Bookpool for Purchase

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