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Another billionaire is trying to make space flight commercially viable.

This is great.  If they offered me a ticket today to be a passenger or just work on the thing, I'd take it.

If you view the video you'll see their prototype go up about 280 ft, then come back to Earth in a smooth, very "Movie Spaceship" like landing.

My big question is how they plan on breaking the pull of Earth's gravity with such a craft.  When you see the Space Shuttle, there's enourmous amounts of power to break out of Earth's gravitational pull. From 

The speed necessary to reach this situation is about 28,200 kilometers per hour (17,500 miles per hour) and this is the speed that the Space Shuttle must attain to continue to fall around Earth (remain in orbit) at an altitude of 300 kilometers (186 miles).  (To go farther than that, or "escape" the Earth's gravitational force, if you wanted to go to the moon for example, you have to go even faster than that. The "escape velocity" for the Earth is about 40,300 kilometers per hour, or about 25,000 miles per hour).

That is fast.  Lot's of thrust behind any craft that needs to go straight up.  What about planes that can break into Space?  If you watch the movie The Right Stuff they show how Chuck Yeager glanced at that idea.  The real race then was whether it was a plane or a rocket to be the basis of our space program.  Rockets won for 2 reasons - they were what the Russians were using and we could also top them with Nuclear warheads - dual purpose.

Since I kid I've been facinated by space flight.  And yes, I watched Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin step off the LEM latter and onto the Moon's surface live.  Something that I hope will be repeated in my lifetime, perhaps Mars.


Link to Blue Origin

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