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Here's the associated site for Michael Crichton's new book Next.

I've read just about every Michael Crichton book and been hooked on his writing since I first saw the Andromeda Strain back in the 70's.

His books have always weaved science into the fiction to make it believable and convincing. Always grabbing current science topics to make the plot ever more interesting and it's usually difficult to detect the real from the fiction.

My brother Ed, once told me a story, perhaps a tall tale, that his first wife lived in the same building with Michael Crichton and he had given her one of the Key's used in the Andromeda Strain film that was required to shut down the nuclear self destruct for the facility.  Not sure if that was a tall tale or not, but it sure had the "that's cool" aspect when your a kid, probably making me a Crichton fan ever since.

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