MIX08 - Robert Scoble, Facebook and more

My last video of the Ch8 @ MIX08 mini series is now posted, check it out [click on the title]

Ch8 @ MIX08 - Day 3 - Robert Scoble, Facebook and more..

This is the last video of the CH8 @ MIX08 series - Day 3 Interviews, I got a chance to talk to some amazing people.

I hope you enjoyed the little mini series, and seen the bonus interviews of geekSpeak and theCodeTrip bus.

Here is who I talked to on the 3rd day at MIX08:

@ Web 2.0 sustainability & biz models panel:

Dave McClure - Talks about careers and his facebook class at Stanford

Robert Scoble- Gives lots of advice to students

@ Social networks panel:

David Morin - Talks about the facebook platform

@ OpenSpace labs:

Giorgio Sardo, Microsoft, talks about silverlight mobile


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