MIX08 Report Video Day 1 & 2 Interviews posted

I just posted the Day 1 and 2 Interviews.

Click here: Ch8 @ MIX08 - Interviews Day 1 & 2 

Here is some of the coverage I did at Mix for you guys.
See the first two days at MIX08 through student eyes.

I had a great experience and I hope you enjoy it.

Dan Waters, ADE - says good morning

Following people give advise to students:

Day 1:

Jim Duffy, TakeNote.com


Miguel de Icaza, MONO Project

Infragistics crew

Day 2:

Andrew Flick , infragistics, past MS Student Ambassador

PIXEL8 Community - new podcast site for UX

David Laribee - CodeBetter.com

Day 3 coming very soon. [
Video is being processed as this is being typed.]


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