I asked Steve Ballmer questions @ MIX08

no really. I did. Go to 0:58 of the 2nd MIX08 keynote to see me ask the question and see Steve's response: http://www.visitmix.com/blogs/News/Watch-Steve-Ballmer-and-Guy-Kawasaki-Live/

[Update: A fellow Ch8er - Ivana Tilca -  has excert of the video with my question here. ]

Ch8 got up a post about me regarding this: http://channel8.msdn.com/Posts/3656/ 

So, yes, I was the student at MIX08 at second keynote with Steve Baller and Guy Kawasaki that asked Steve about they future efforts in academia and possibility of hosting and/or infrastructure for students.

But first, I got to thank him, well Microsoft, about efforts behind DreamSpark, Channel8 and Microsoft Student Partners.

Question was received with mixed reviews and there were even a few negative Twitter comments about those questions too ;) it's all good though. Because Ch8 is now on the map.

I was actually at MIX08 representing Ch8 and those 3 minutes of my life made the rest of the interviews a lot easier for me the rest of the conference, of course once all the speakers I wanted to talk to left or had other plans then sitting down for 3-5minutes with the best place to advocate their voice to the student developer community...

Watch Ch8 home page for the rest of my MIX08 videos coming up soon.

My Ch8 Day 1 Teaser video: http://channel8.msdn.com/Posts/Ch8--MIX08-Day1/


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I watched your video and I smiled. My team is the one that runs all those programs that you mentioned - we work hard to breakdown some of the perceptions that students have about MS and open new doors and new thinking. So when I saw the video it was pretty damn cool. By the way - we are already trying to figure out the hosting thing and we take Mix every year and repurpose it into campus events called Mix on Campu through the students partners. I'm sure we still have a lot to get right but it's cool to see the work breaking through.

Left by Joe Wilson on Mar 10, 2008 1:24 AM

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