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Well, today began my first visit to Redmond and Microsoft HQ. 

I was pretty excited to see how sunny it was, how green everything was (man, they have trees everywhere here), and of course to see what it looks like to be in pro-Microsoft territory.  Something happens to a city when you cram 35,000 Microsoft employees into 60 or so buildings.  It was a pretty awesome experience.

I hooked up with a friend on the C# team once I got settled into my hotel.  Free wireless access – expected, but still very nice to have.  I’ve got a little fridge, stove, microwave, etc.  It’s an extended stay kind of place.  I’ll have to say I’m impressed with how Microsoft has executed so far on this setup.  The hotel is nestled between Microsoft buildings and I’m directly across from the main campus.

Eric and I went for a tour through buildings 40 & 41 where the Dev Tools and Language teams work.  I got to meet some of the C# team, which was great.  Pretty cool to walk by the office of Anders Hejlsberg.  I was told I couldn’t take a picture though – I guess they must be concerned about people seeing screenshots of VS 2008.  I got a little scared that I’d even seen it, because after we went out for a beer and a burger, we saw some Microsoft Security SUV’s patrolling the streets.  If you ever want to know what it will look like when Microsoft takes over the world, come out to Redmond for a preview.  

Tomorrow morning, I’ve got a pretty full day of being an old fart.  I’m mostly hanging out with the high school and college competitors of Imagine Cup most of the day.  I’m most looking forward to some time at the company store where I intend to stock up on logo-wear for the entire family.  After that, I’ll be heading to the Imagine Cup Product Fair for an MS employee demonstration of what the kids are working on.  Scoble is supposed to be there doing some channel9 stuff, so it should be pretty cool.  I hope I can get a few minutes with him and a picture.  Tomorrow night ends with a Halo 2 tourney.  The big day is Saturday, where I’ll be one of 5 judges for the national competition for software design.  I’m feeling a little out-classed…

  • Ori Amiga– Group Program Manager on the Visual Studio Team
  • Brad Connell- President of the .Net Developers Association and an independent consultant working with VB.Net, C#, ASP.Net, SQL Server
  • Robert McLaws– President of Interscape Technologies (which runs, Dev Lead for INETA Academic Committee, judge last year at the IC state and regional levels.
  • Brian Tinkler– Founder of Wisconsin .NET UG, heavily active within INETA’s various committees, and VP of Business Development for Serlio Software in Milwaukee, WI
  • Alec McTavish– High school CS teacher here in Bothell, former developer at Microsoft, .NET instructor for several teacher workshops, and a local expert on helping students move from “student” to “developer”

I was hoping to check out the much talked about Executive Briefing Center, but apparently Gates is holding a CEO Summit that is addressing the top 100 CEO’s in the world.  Warren Buffett and others of that magnitude are supposed to be in town.

Well, one of my fellow WI .NET bloggers has been telling me I need to blog more, so I thought I’d post my first impressions.  Pretty cool place. 


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# re: First impressions from Redmond
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Awesome! You actually got to see VS '08?
I can't wait to read more about your experiences out there.
Left by Christopher PIetschmann, MCSD, M on May 21, 2005 10:17 AM

# WI-INETA President, Brian Tinkler, takes a trip to Redmond
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Brian Tinkler is out in Redmond this weekend where he get to be one of the 5 judges for the national...
Left by An MCSD From Wisconsin on May 21, 2005 11:28 AM

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