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So I just spent an hour attending the DotNetNuke Corporation Webinar entitled DotNetNuke Demonstration. Needless to say, I'm a fan of DotNetNuke and I can't get enough knowledge of the product. Nik began the session by defining what the product DotNetNuke is and how easy it was to design a site. He then gave a brief explanation of the community and professional version of DotNetNuke. Next, he spoke briefly of the technology used which consisted of DotNetNuke, ASP.NET, .NET. IIS, a Windows Server and a SQL Server.  The next topic was about Architecture and how DotNetNuke was a Web Content Management System and a Web Application Framework.  Nik then went on to discuss how you can have as many portals that you want with one DotNetNuke installation and how you can have as many users of your portal as well.  Next came a discussion on what goes on pages. He demonstrated how skins get placed on a portal and how modules get placed as well on a page. He then went to create a new page and how you can just put one skin on that page. He created an event using the Schedule module and showed how to install an new module that is not part of DotNetNuke.

Finally, Nik showed several different websites that used the product. All in all, it was very informative. You can go to the DotNetNuke site to view the recorded webinar if you want.

Here's a schedule of future webinars:

DotNetNuke Demonstration
10 am PDT, May 21 (World Time)
Nik Kalyani, Co-founder
Click Here

DotNetNuke Deep Dive
10 am PDT, June 3 (World Time)
Coming Soon


Here's some information about Nik:


Nik Kalyani

Nik Kalyani (MVP) has over 15 years of experience as a technology professional and entrepreneur. His previous companies include Definiti, Inc., a software consulting company (acquired), iWidgets, Inc. a venture-funded Internet startup (folded) and Speerio, Inc., a software components company (IP acquired by DotNetNuke Corp.). He is a member of the Steering Committe of the OpenAjax Alliance and is the founder of DotNetNuke user groups in Washington, D.C. and Silicon Valley. Nik has a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from Western Michigan University. He blogs at TechBubble.

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