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On Friday, I attended a workshop that was held at Rollins College in Winter Park, FL.  Rollins is an excellent Liberal Arts College which is always highly ranked in the US News Report and is also known for the Crummer MBA School. Over 100 high school teachers in Florida were invited to this event. Dr. Lewis Duncan, President of Rollins College spoke to us about his experiences teaching the Sciences and on some of the problems that he sees with students not interested in the Sciences. After his talk, Rollins students had the opportunity to speak to us about their high school preparation for a Rollins education and on what they were learning currently.

There was a small tour around campus and then lunch. After lunch, we all had the opportunity to speak to Rollins Professors from our discipline. There are two full time Computer Science professors and one half time Professor. The irony is that I've lived in Florida almost twenty years now and I've driven past this College numerous times and never knew that they had a Computer Science degree program. The professors were very much interested in listening to what we were doing on the high school level and offered their time to help our students in the future.

All in all, it was worth the short drive to Rollins College and spend at least a half day talking to the CS Profs.


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