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Roving tuba brawl

"Virtual Brown Bag" anagrams:

  • Roving Tuba Brawl
  • Lawn Bug Vibrator
  • Rubbing Two Larva
  • Vulgar Rabbi Town
  • A Vibrant Grub Owl
  • Blurting a Bar Vow

At this week's Roving Tuba Brawl Virtual Brown Bag meeting:

  • Claudio Lassala asked "What does your work environment look like?" He and several others shared pictures.
  • George Mauer talked about NuGet, .NET's answer to Ruby Gems, and PoshCode, a PowerShell code repository
  • Claudio showed how he uses CodeRush templates to quickly generate unit test code
  • Alan Stevens showed how to do the same thing with Resharper templates

For detailed notes, links, and the video recording, go to the VBB wiki page:

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