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When a Southern “boy” like me sees somebody that used to be, or should be, a close friend or relative that they haven’t seen in a long time, that’s a typical greeting.  Come to think of it, we were often related to close friends.

So “back in the day”, we not only knew people but everybody close to them.  When I started driving, my Dad told me to always drive carefully in Polk county.  He said if I ran into anybody there, it was likely they would be related or close family friends.

Not so much any more… the cities have gotten bigger and more people come south and stay.  One of the curses of air conditioning I guess.

Anyway, it’s been a while.  So “How’s your Momma and them”?  Have you been waiting for me to blog again?  Too bad, I’m back anyway <smile>.

Here in Charlotte we just had another great code camp.  The Enterprise Developers Guild is going strong, thanks to the help of a lot of dedicated people.  Mark Wilson, Brian Gough, Syl Walker, Ghayth Hilal, Alberto Botero, Dan Thyer, Jean Doiron, Matt Duffield all come to mind.  Plus all the regulars who volunteer for every special event we have.

Brian Gough put on a successful SharePoint Saturday.  Rafael Salas and our friends at the local Pass SQL group had a great SQL Saturday.  Brian Hitney and Glen Gordon keep on doing their usual great job for developers in the southeast as our local Microsoft reps.

Since my last post, I have the honor of being designated the INETA Membership Mentor for Georgia in addition to mentoring the groups in the Carolinas for the past several years.  Georgia could be a really good thing since my wife likes shopping in Atlanta, not to mention how much we both like Georgia in general. 

As I recall, my Momma had people in Georgia.  Wonder how their “Mommas an’ them” are doing?

  Bill J

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It is good to see you back. I know that you keep a lot on your plate. Despite what anyone else might say, you do a great job :)

My momma an' them have their ups and downs, but more ups than downs lately.
Left by Nick Harrison on Jun 07, 2010 11:53 AM

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