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It’s been a very busy week in terms of announcements. “Dublin” has been announced, and Darren Jefford probably has the best summary of what Dublin is and how it will affect us. Channel 9 has published some great webcasts looking at Visual Studio 2010 and the testing and UML features included in the new release.
I like working with UML, but it’s not had that much exposure on the .net platform. I fought hard with Rational XDE for Visual for a few days back in the day, and have also dabbled with Visio, but never found it a satisfying experience. The Top Down design webcast shows that the UML features are comprehensive, and should be very productive, whilst the Bottom Up webcast shows how you can easily visualise a complex project, and drill down into the detailed architecture aspects very easily.
There have also been some great posts relating to “Oslo” and BizTalk Services, so I’ve compiled a new version of “The Bloggers Guide to Oslo”, and renamed it to “The Bloggers Guide to Oslo and Connected Systems” to reflect the changes in scope of the codenames. It’s up on the “” website in the downloads section. Posted on Saturday, October 4, 2008 10:07 AM | Back to top

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