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The core team maintains and publishes the monthly newsletter of our user group MUGH. I am one of the editors of the newsletter. I had been in the process of collecting entries off the net for various sections of the newsletter.

I am not sure how many of them would make their way to the newsletter by the time it goes out but I thought of posting it across so that those links which dont make it up are still preserved on this blog entry.

If all goes well then may be I shall take time and write the featured article too.

I would like to write something about Interfaces (things like reasons why security permissions cannot be assigned to Interfaces, defining class constructors in Interfaces, If Interfaces are implemented by structs then does anything interesting happen...), about general programming tips which can be used in day to day dotnet programming....

Coming to the part of the newsletter. Here are my links

Sighted online

Channel 9
What Is channel 9 - []
The Channel 9 Doctrine - []

For the low bandwidth users the moblog section is a must watch
- Your idea has to be better than this one -- poster in building 42's lobby #
- Microsoft's founders # 
- The outside of building 42 -- much of the Visual Studio and .NET teams are located inside # 
- Free Cokes for the Indigo team (refrigerator in building 42) #
- India Imagine Cup # 
- Poster in the lobby of building 42 near Don Box's office #
- Don Box's door #

For those who can afford high bandwidth they can check out these cool interviews
- Christopher Brumme - Is a managed kernel possible? #
- Dave Mendlen - What is Indigo? #
- Anders Hejlsberg - What's so great about generics? #
- Brian Goldfarb - Introduces Visual Web Developer Express Edition #
- Chris Brumme - How about a type-specific try-catch mechanism for Intellisense? #

.Net Framework, Languages
- FotoVision Desktop Application
- Contrasting the ADO.NET DataReader and DataSet
- Unexpected Errors in Managed Applications
- New Features for Web Service Developers in .NET Framework 2.0 Beta 1

- Visual Web Developer Express -
- Voice of Support: Why is my ASP.NET application restarting?
- Unleash Your Site's Potential with Web Parts and Personalization in ASP.NET 2.0
- Dress Your Controls for Success with ASP.NET 1.1 Themes I -
- Dress Your Controls for Success with ASP.NET 1.1 Themes II -
- Build a C# Web Site Monitor Service with Email and MSN Messenger Notification

Sql Server 2000/2005(Yukon)
- An Evaluation of Stored Procedures for the .NET Developer
- Recursion in T–SQL
- XML, T-SQL, and the CLR Create a New World of Database Programming (Yukon Basics) -
- SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Technical Preview -
- Writing Language-Portable Transact-SQL-
- TechEd 2004 Sql Server PowerPoint Decks -

Patterns & Practices (Architecture)
- Code Access Security (CAS) and Design Patterns
- Business Patterns for Software Engineering Use, Part 1
- SOA Challenges: Entity Aggregation
- Bank of Stockton (.Net Framework CaseStudy)
- Dealing with Concurrency: "Waiter, is this data fresh?"

Harry Pierson on Architecture
Harry Pierson is from the Microsoft Architecture Strategy team

Pat Helland
Pat Helland has been around Microsoft for almost 10 years as an architect.  He has been working on transaction and application execution stuff for 25 years or so. He helped
start the Viper team that built MTS (Microsoft Transaction Server) which is now called COM+.  Later, he got into asynchronous messaging, did a presentation called “Fiefdoms and Emissaries”, helped start the team that built the SQL Service Broker for Yukon, and did a bunch of the early work on reliable messaging that is now in web services and Indigo. 

Kimberly L. Tripp
Kimberly is a SQL Server specialist focusing on performance tuning and availability. Here she'll give you tips and tricks on SQL Server!

Niels Berglund
Niels works on the database curriculum for Developmentor. Check in for his views on SQL Server in general and "Yukon" in particular.

Bryan Keller
Bryan's a programmer-writer for Reporting Services, and can tell you more than you ever wanted to know about that technology.

Clemens Vasters
Clemens is a frequent speaker and experimenter with Web services, Indigo and other related technologies.

Now lets see how many of these make up to the newsletter and also my article.

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