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All of us have experienced it but very few of us have gone into the details to really find the reasons for it. First of all why should I care? After the first time the application starts much faster. Well you should care if you want to give your customer not only a good second startup time but also a decent first startup experience. To do that you need to do repeated tests. The first startup is commonly referred to cold startup and all subsequent runs are warm startup scenarios. To test a cold startup ......

When you open an etl file you normally want to see which methods were executed most often. To decode the recorded stack pointers WPA needs your symbols. By default WPA adds the Microsoft symbol server to the list. If you click on Load Symbols then you will experience some slowness which is very nicely explained by Sasha here: It is ok for the first time to get all relevant symbols from Microsoft but afterwards ......

Did you ever see a nice tool with a fancy UI and thought: Hey that thing is powerful. I will try it! But later you were left back scratching your head why other can use this tool and get great results but you just don't get it? Then I have news for you I have created a WPA profile which aims at user and not kernel mode developers. Many columns were removed from the context menus to give you all the power you need to find issues in your application where no one else has found the root cause. The ETW ......