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April 2008 Entries

The Enterprise Library 4 CTP and the feature list can be found at the Codeplex Home page. General Features of Entlib 4 (Excerpt from Release Notes) ยท Enterprise Library 4.0 takes advantage of the improved features in the .NET WMI 2.0 API to provide update capability for configuration exposed through the Manageable Configuration Source. Objects defined in the Enterprise Library configuration, such as databases, trace listeners, and cache backing stores, are exposed through WMI as a set of classes ......

Error handling is a difficult beast. And there is always one more way to do it. Thottam Sriram did write some nice examples what main cases you usually have to deal with. The most ugly case is the one where you cannot handle an exception but you need to do different cleanup logic in a finally block. public void Func() { bool cleanup = true; try { OtherFunc(); cleanup = false; } catch (Exception) { // perform Cleanup on error } finally { if (cleanup) { // perform cleanup on error } } } The necessity ......