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Doug Purdy at Microsoft blogged this latest info on Oslo today….

I haven’t posted anything about “Oslo” since ~May.

Before I mention what we have been up to, I want to give a little recap.

Back in September of 2008 (previous to PDC 2008), I wrote a post titled, What is Oslo?.  Beyond my typical hyperbole, this post remains a fairly accurate description of what “Oslo” is and how we describe it.  That said, this description does not outline how the project developed prior or after PDC 2008.

Back in September 2007, we announced “Oslo” at the SOA & BP Conference in Redmond.  “Oslo” was the name that we gave to a multiyear, multiproduct effort to simplify the application development lifecycle by enhancing .NET, Visual Studio, Biztalk and SQL Server.

As we ran toward PDC 2008, we discovered two important things.  First, using the name “Oslo” to talk about a new version of Biztalk, a new tool, a new workflow engine, a new … really confused customers.  Second, it was possible for us to roll out a bunch of “Oslo” technologies in already established ship vehicles rather than creating a separate “Oslo” wave.

Based on this, we made two decisions.  We started using the term “Oslo” for only the the modeling platform pieces of the overall vision.  In addition, we would roll out a bunch of technologies in the .NET 4.0 wave.  So when you hear about things like Windows Foundation 4.0, WCF 4.0,  “Dublin”, MEF, the unified XAML stack – all of those things were part of “Oslo” at some stage.

On “Oslo” at Douglas Purdy

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