Recently I blogged that the Resharper install corrupted TestDriven.Net.  I followed up to say that certainly wasn't the case.  In fact, there was nothing wrong with TestDriven.Net.  The problem was between the keyboard and chair.

I kept getting an error about not being able to load one of my base test classes.  At compile time everything was fine.  I would get the error only when trying to run the test in TestDriven.Net.  R# could run the tests with no problem.  This led me to believe it was a problem with TD.Net.  Later I discovered that my builds were reporting zero tests.  I investigated to find that the same error loading my test class was occuring on the build server.  This ruled out an issue specifically with TD.Net.

I searched the web and couldn't find anything that would help.  The only clue I had was that after the initial error, there was another stating that NUnit 2.4.6 could not be loaded.  Since I am using NUnit 2.4.8, this was strange.  I thought to myself, "Why is the test runner trying to load 2.4.6?".  This should have keyed me into the problem right away, but it didn't.

Finally, I called a friend and he suggested I try running the tests in the NUnit GUI.  Well, I got an error just loading the test assembly.  Again, the error stated that the runner couldn't load NUnit 2.4.6.  Suddenly the problem became clear. 

I had recently introduced a shared testing library that we could use on multiple projects.  What I didn't realize at the time was that the shared solution was still referencing NUnit 2.4.6.  After updating the dependency to 2.4.8 and recompiling everything, TestDriven.Net and my build were both running tests successfully again.

I can't help but think that if I had a pair working with me, this would have been resolved much more quickly.

posted on Monday, February 2, 2009 12:01 PM
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