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Google Analytics just released a new version of their interface. The dashboard has been totally redesigned with all of the key statistics right there.

All of the old in-depth reporting is still there, but now it has the slickness and ease of a gmail or gCal app. Very nice! 

Posted on Monday, May 14, 2007 4:42 PM | Back to top

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sorry cannot disagree more -- have you tried to actually use it?

1. Buggy in Firefox
2. Graphics are too large and text is equally as obnoxious
3. Data that used to be viewable on the front page are now 3-5 levels deep
ex. New maps - I used to be able to look at the executive summary and see where people came from and numbers right there. Now I have to do region/country/city before I can see anything - this is huge esp when monitoring activity of 500k visitors
4. no network location cross-reference data
-- includes kw (no data)
5. Cannot see all goal data at the same time
6. Cannot compare visits, pageviews and conversions at the same time
7. Not organized well - things do not follow a logical progression
8. Items are difficult to locate
9. No real navigational elements
10.Can only view 100 items at a time instead of 500 not bad on small sites, but on a large site where we get 1/2 a million visitors a month it is severely restrictive
11. cannot sort data a all.. if it gives you back the lowest ranked kw there is now way to switch to the largest.. so with 55k kw's i have no way to access data.. that is simple.. etc etc etc...
and this is just from the first 15 mins of using it.
I will go back to the old til they force the new, but I think they made a horrible mistake - along the lines of IE 7 - it is a lousy product! Only people who use analytics for cursory data will be ok with this - if you are a heavy user for a corporate or high trafficked site these changes are going to severely limit your business model. I think it is time to reconsider our options.
Left by posting it on May 14, 2007 6:18 PM

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