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At first I was a little shocked... I wasn't quite sure how to feel and I wasn't sure if what I was feeling was anger or fear - or both. I found out a few days ago that starting next month I was going to have to expect a little less each month from my job. A little = 1/3 of my existing monthly income. Ouch.

It is supposed to only be for a short time, but I can't count on that now that I live in Mexico. So, having said that, I apologize up front for the repositioning of the advertising and the addition of the in text/contextual advertising, but I'm hoping to eeek out a little more money each month from this blog. It gets pretty decent traffic (several thousand unique views each month), but my conversions have been pretty low (a lot of my traffic comes from RSS readers) - so I thought I would move some stuff around and add some more.

I REALLY hope that it doesn't become intrusive to anyone and if it does, for ANY reason, please don't hesitate to let me know. I have been really reluctant to try to monetize this site and if it bothers anyone, I'll take it down immediately.

I'll also try to post on how it does in a month or so. If it doesn't do much, I'll take it all off again.

Best regards,


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