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.NET State Machine Toolkit
Leslie Sanford has written a framework and tutorial on implementing State Machines in .Net. She provides an solid and well written set of base classes for implementing your own state machine in your applications. A .NET State Machine Toolkit - Part I - The Code Project - C# Programming This is the first of three articles about my .NET State Machine Toolkit. This article will cover the classes that make up the core of the toolkit as well as how to create a simple, flat state machine. Part II will ......

Posted On Wednesday, February 15, 2006 4:11 PM

Create in-process asynchronous services in C#
Gerald Gibson has a good article over at CodeProject for creating an in-process asynchronous service in c#. It allows you to queue up jobs that implement a specific interface for processing in the background. I recently built a scheduler from the ground up that did the exact same thing :-)… Bummer. Create in-process asynchronous services in C# - The Code Project - C# Programming This article describes how to make an in-process asynchronous service in your C# applications and why you would ......

Posted On Monday, February 6, 2006 3:01 PM

nSpring OpenSource Logging Package
I’ve been playing around with the nSpring logging package for one of my latest projects. Impressing me most has been the virtual non-impact on performance. The current bits are here. Features from CodeProject article: High performance: Classes Debug and Trace are slow; unbuffered use of these classes can entail a significant performance degradation in application code. Loggers in this framework provide buffering ability (asynchronous output) as well as other caching features; this results in ......

Posted On Thursday, February 2, 2006 10:12 AM

Geeks With Blogs

I’ve been an avid reader of GeeksWithBlogs for the last few months and have decided to start cross posting to Thanks Geeks for the space…


Posted On Wednesday, February 1, 2006 11:22 PM

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