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My first inplace upgrade of a MOSS 2007 farm to sharepoint went pretty smooth. I read the preupgrade documentation and was comfortable with the steps.  Since it was a fairly new installation of Moss changes were minimal and I wasn't anticipating too many problems

The one issue I got was after installing the software on all of the farm.  I went to the first machine which ran Sharepoint 2010 central administration and ran the Sharepoint 2010 Products Configuration Wizard.  I received the message that I would need to run the configuration on each server in the farm.  Fair enough, I expected as much.

The wizard completed without issue on the first server, but when I tried to run it on the others it hung with a "waiting to get a lock to upgrade the farm" message.  It hung for about 10 minutes and then the wizard failed.  Did a few searches on Google and Bing and got 0 results for that message.  None, Nothing, Zilch.  I'm on my own...

For grins, hit the help button on the configuration wizard and it seemed to indicate that the configuration wizard needed to be run on all farm servers simultaneously.  I started it again on the first server to the point I got the message about needing to be run on all servers on the farm and then started the wizard on the other servers and ran it to that point as well.  I then clicked ok on the first server and then the subsuquent servers.

It took a while and it did hang on the lock message for some time, but then it did kick off and completed succesfully on all of them.  Yeah!

Hope this helps someone else!  Now there should be at least one post with this error message on it!


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this saved my day.
ps: i HATE sharepoint :)
Left by ma bo on Feb 23, 2012 4:53 AM

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