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Sorry to have neglected the blog lately. A big change occured in my life and I have been happily pursuing it.

That change: I am now the community guru for They are citizen journalism at its best. Your news, your views, your videos. The things that are important to you, both on a hyperlocal scale and on an international scale. We look for your contributions on what is news and what matters to you.

My job is to grow the contributing community, grow the visibility of the site, and get people involved. That includes blogging on the company blogs, helping contributors understand the site, finding out what people want from the stie, that kind of thing.

I am loving my job. They are based out of San Francisco. I have been out there already once and will be going again in the next week or so. I also got to go to BlogWorld Expo and lead a panel. It is an exhausting job, but a good one.

What have I learned? I need to make sure I get more sleep! I am excited about my job - which translates into a tendency to work too many hours without moving from the home office for any kind of break. I like to travel, but I learned I need new clothes to do it in (that one is being worked on). I like interviewing people on camera, but doing so over the weekend showed me that I desperately need to get some media training from the company. It also showed me that I need to get back into the habit of wearing makeup... much as Bruce doesn't care for that idea (and my skin isn't sure it likes it either.)

I also learned that I need to force myself to eat in the morning before my first call. If I don't, miscommunications happen rapidly. Working on that one...

Bruce has learned that when I love what I do, I do it more and more. He has taken on the job of reminding me to take a break every once in a while. He has also reminded me (repeatedly) that I need to be sure to schedule time to connect with him. I am at the computer by 9 am most mornings. He gets up at 11, leaves for work at 3 and works until 12:30am. Doesn't leave a lot of connection time unless we make time for each other.

I am also re-learning the usefulness of stats. Seeing who is doing what helps me learn where my energy is put to best use. Seeing where the people and stories are coming from helps me to learn more about what holes we have and where to push for more users.

If you are interested in allvoices, join us. You can find a signup on the site. You might also want to start following the blog, as I announce giveaways and incentives there.

I'll be back here as often as I can. Know that I still am passionate about OneNote, SnagIt, Social Media, and all the other things I started this blog to talk about. I will just be using this space more as an outlet than anything else for a while!

Posted on Wednesday, September 24, 2008 3:41 PM SocialMedia | Back to top

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