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LyondellBasell has been such a great gig as a Biztalk developer, flex hours, 2 minutes motorcycle ride to work, new technologies, great pay! As the saying goes, "all things comes to an end", that being said, I found myself to be part of their latest cuts on IT after they filed for Chapter 11. Nothing new here, being an Enron veteran myself, I've realized that things only go better... at least in my experience.

Divine intervention? Call it whatever you want, I simply call it a new job doing what I love to do best... high tech. Maybe not in Biztalk but I'm still within my realm of systems integration. I just met my new collegues today and boy are they all cool. In my past few jobs, I always get called out with the way I dress, you know, the usual jeans and t-shirt in a business-casual-only environment. Who cares??? I produce better when I'm comfortable... if anything, they should've been thankful I don't wear boxers to work. Anyways, my new job doesn't care. A huge population of my new compay are motorcycle riders... yay for me, I got riding buddies, diving buddies, photography buddies, and jam session musicians and since we're all in Texas, they're all for the 2nd amendment.

Thank you God, I'm home.




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