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Saturday means the lawn, so I’ll go wake the neighborhood up about 7 maybe.

Meanwhile I’ll see what I can look at as far as training material for an hour and get a jump on the day.

Lots of interruptions, but got some good solid MVVM done via a post by Jag Raheel where he links out to a bunch of other posts to make his points in the article… all good stuff!

Everyone reads different stuff into different books… what works for me might not work for you… I always tell someone to go to Borders or someplace and pull down all the books on the subject they can find, then browse until one ‘talks to you’.

Well, Jag’s article talked to me this morning… things started snapping into place and I actually understood the what and why. I Iike the simple program that gets expanded on and explained.

That plus last night’s unlikely find – near the end of Chapter 3 in Victor Gaudioso’s “Foundation Expression Blend 4 with Silverlight” is a section titled “A Simple OOP Project” … he brings together lots of things that a beginner might have problem with, but a ‘seasoned’ developer stuck in last year’s technology would find useful, particularly pulled together in one section.

Another watershed moment was when I finally looked up the term ‘Agile’ since I’d been asked if I (knew/used/?) Agile methodology … well.. How do you like me now? I been doin’ that shit all my life… it just took some weenie to wrap a name and “M e t h o d o l o g y” around it… dang… do people really think someone could get this old writing code without knowing most of this crap… how was I supposed to know they gave it a name.. :) … boy, I need to think of all the crap I do while writing software and figure out which ones they haven’t attached names… maybe write a book or an eBook about it and get famous with a new ‘methodology’ … Idshakemyheadbutithurts… so I’m checking that of my bucketlist… one down!

So Far

4 units(hours?) of training today: 3  of ViewModel/MVVM and 1 of MEF

SC #941 went out and I only forgot one post on the way… I’ll start with that one today.

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