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You’ll probably figure out who I am pretty quickly from comments, sarcasm, wit (hopefully), pi$$ing and moaning, etc.

I asked the GWB crew if I could get a second blog so that I could vent about things without it being aggregated everywhere.

So that means this might not get read and that’s ok too… the catharsis of writing the words helps get rid of some of the ‘Grump’ :)

As always, anything said here has zero reflection on anyone, anything, any organization, whatever. Take it as it is, read it or not.

I am a 60 (almost 61) year old developer still banging code and still banging my head on the desk. I do .NET web apps using old technology by day and Silverlight by night… so now about 80% of you know who I am :)

The possibility of getting let go and having to compete in today’s world with all you guys and going through the gauntlet of what interviews has become petrifies me. So I’m kinda/sorta hoping I can hang onto this job until I either go out of scope or get tired of the commute.

The commute… yeah, that’s one of the things I’ll be commenting on here… 27 miles of people that found their license in the glove compartment when they bought the car.

So consider this blog to be an experiment… if it doesn’t really work, I’ll have Jeff nuke it and we’ll all pretend it never happened, but until then, I’ll try to post some good stuff in addition to the rants…

Keep on Truckin’

Posted on Friday, June 26, 2009 1:58 PM General | Back to top

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