May 2009 Entries
Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7 Now Available

My first question was, what is it? Taken from the Windows Team Blog posting about it:

“The Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7 is a set of six multi-touch optimized applications and games that are designed to truly showcase the capabilities of Windows Touch in Windows 7. It consists of 3 casual games, and 3 Microsoft Surface applications that have been created for Windows 7.”

“Great, I want to check these applications out and see how they work.” Not so fast… In order to use the applications and games inside the Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7 you’ll need a Windows 7 PC that supports multi-touch like the HP TouchSmart tx2z series laptop or the HP TouchSmart IQ500t desktop. Then again, if you’ve got a Microsoft Surface lying around you could use them on that too!

Want to learn more about developing multi-touch applications? Microsoft’s Channel 9 has a couple of videos you’ll want to check out then.

Windows 7 Multi-Touch Overview

Programming Windows 7 Multi-Touch (Part 1)

Have a day. :-|

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