July TRINUG Meeting - Finally I WIN!!

I attended the July TRINUG meeting tonight where Scott Shorter, a Technical Evangelist for FarPoint Technologies demod their FarPoint Spread spreadsheet control. Wow! I hadn't had a chance to check out their control in the past but I definitely will be in the future. Why you ask? Because for the first time in all of the user group meetings, code camp meetings, conferences, etc. I've attended over the years, tonight I actually won one of the swag prizes. More about this later in the post...

I've used grid controls in windows and web applications in the past but I've never used a spreadsheet control. What's the difference? With a grid-type control you're basically working with just rows where with a spreadsheet control you're working with individual cells and ranges of cells. It's kind of tough to explain the difference so I'll leave you to check out their product tour and free tutorial videos to see why working with a spreadsheet control is very different from working with a grid-type control.

Back to my prize winning... The item up for grabs was a copy of Windows Vista Business. I hardly paid attention because I knew I didn't have a prayer at winning. Why? Because I could attend a meeting of 10 people where they give out 15 prizes and somehow I still walk away empty handed!!

User group leader and INETA board member Rob Zelt called out "one six four.... one six four..."  It took a nudge from Chris Love sitting next to me to realize I was holding ticket #164! I couldn't believe it, I won. I shrieked and cried like a baby for joy. Oh the humanity of it all. Ok, so maybe I've over stated my reaction a little. Either way, I had won. Wow.... what a feeling!

So I was the proud owner of a copy of Vista Business but what I really wanted was one of the two licenses of the FarPoint Spread control they were giving away. Unfortunately having already won something I wasn't eligible for the final drawing for the FarPoint controls.  Rob read off the first of two winning tickets and a guy in the back of the room raises his hand, we have a winner. Being the shy and introverted person I am, I spoke out "I'll trade ya Vista Business for it!" He went for the trade and low and behold I walked away from the meeting with a copy of FarPoint Spread... suuuuh-weeet!  Throw in a free FarPoint t-shirt for each person in attendance and I think I made out pretty well!

Have a day. :-|

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# re: July TRINUG Meeting - Finally I WIN!!
Bill Albing
7/12/2007 9:53 AM
Jim, I think we all had a good time at last night's meeting. See our blog about it at With the good attendance by a range of experienced developers, this is a great user group meeting to attend regularly. See y'all soon.
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