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JetBrains have recently released ReSharper 6.1, along with compatible updates to dotCover (version 1.2) and dotTrace Performance (version 4.5.2).

Here is a list of common developer tasks that ReSharper 6 helps handles better than previous versions:

  • Improve Visual Studio responsiveness: While developing ReSharper 6.0 and 6.1, Jet Brains have fixed more than 200 performance and memory consumption issues, as well as over 2900 bugs!
  • Use proper tooling for web development: ReSharper 6 introduces extensive support for JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and ASP.NET MVC 3 (Razor syntax) in terms of refactoring, navigation, and code analysis.
  • Explore existing code base and third-party libraries efficiently: New navigation actions and valuable additions to existing navigation features help developers better understand existing code. More than that, examining third-party libraries is now possible without leaving Visual Studio, thanks to ReSharper's bundled assembly decompiler.
  • Refactor and maintain existing code base: ReSharper 6 brings improved refactorings and more context actions, adds multiple new inspections and quick-fixes for code quality analysis in C#, VB.NET, and XAML code. In order to improve project maintenance, ReSharper 6.1 helps detect and remove unused assembly references.
  • Adopt state-of-the-art development practices: Async CTP, the increasingly popular asynchronous programming syntax for C# and VB.NET is now fully supported in ReSharper 6.1 with a set of code inspections and quick-fixes.
  • Internationalize .NET applications: Internationalization assistance is now available for Silverlight and VB.NET projects — in addition to previously supported C# and WPF projects.
  • Manage ReSharper settings and enforce coding standards: ReSharper 6.1 introduced a new settings management engine, which lets you define global, per-solution, per-team or individual settings. Also, ReSharper settings can now be exported and imported to/from a single file.

For details on features and improvements in the new ReSharper version, please read What's New in ReSharper 6.

I have used and appreciate the ability to get rid of unused assembly references.

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