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Nearly over. For last session attending a talk on c++ apps in windows metro. When I came to TechEd I didn't think I would attend so many sessions on c++, but somehow this has proved more interesting this year. While .net 4.5 is interesting, been playing with it for a while now, so not a ton of surprises. Of course, i still want it at work, but who knows how long that will take - so will just have to use it at home. Once I get the licensing sorted out. So expensive. I've been pleasantly surprised with windows 8, and will be trying that out, and at least that is covered on technet. While the weather has not always been perfect during TechEd's, this is the worst I've seen it so far - it's wet outside. Next years conference in new Orleans should be interesting, well out of the conference itself that is. I do like conferences where it's held within the city itself, unlike Orlando where there isn't really anything here. Posted on Thursday, June 14, 2012 8:11 AM TechEd2012 , TechEd2013 | Back to top

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