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When I went to TechEd, I though I would do a bit of blogging every day, but I had forgotten just how busy you can get here. There's just so much to see. While you do get the DVD's containing all the sessions (except Chalk-Talk ones), it takes at least 8 weeks and nothing beats being there.

Have got a copy of Visual Studio for Database professionals, which will be installed as soon as possible. While I'm not sure about using in production environment yet (if nothing else, it's not the finished version), the assistance it can give in development and testing means its worth looking at now.

Micorsoft needs to tidy up it's marketing regarding WCF, WPF, Link, WF, etc. when it coming to what versions it will be released in (first time I've heard of .Net 3.5). It seems that .Net 3.0 will come out with Vista, but actually .Net 3.0 is more .Net 2.0 + WCF, WPF, WF. So you still use Visual Studio 2005 to work it. Then in 2007 we get Orcas/Visual Studio 2007 with .Net 3.5 which includes Linq. But at the end of the day, apart from bug fixes, we are still talking about .Net 2.0 with extras.

Microsoft seems to have a small problem in classifying the level of some of the sessions, typically rating them slight higher than they warrent.

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